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DIRE: A Neural Approach to Decompiled Identifier Naming: --> PDF <--

"Decompilers can reconstruct much of the information that is lost during the compilation process (e.g., structure and type information).
Unfortunately, they do not reconstruct semantically meaningful variable names, which are known to increase code understandability.
We propose the Decompiled Identifier Renaming Engine (DIRE), a novel probabilistic technique for variable name recovery that uses
both lexical and structural information recovered by the decompiler."

On the github: --> DIRE <--

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"Additionally, we did not experiment with binaries compiled with optimization enabled, nor did we experiment with intentionally obfuscated code. It is possible that DIRE does not perform as well on these binaries. However, reverse engineering of these binaries is a general challenge for decompilers, and we do not believe that our technique applies exclusively to the test code we experimented with."

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 [email protected] —› Программирование —› DIRE: A Neural Approach to Decompiled Identifier Naming
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