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Ранг: 78.8 (постоянный)
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Создано: 15 сентября 2007 15:01
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Anti-Anti Hardware BreakPoint Tool 1.0 by SUB Z3R0

Use this tool to restore Debug Registers after each exception whilst debugging applications and protectors such as PELock and ACProtector.

--> Download <-- http://distro.filedistribution.org/dir=SnD/2007/09.September/&file=Anti-Anti.Hardware.BreakPoint.Tool.1.0.tool-SND.zip


Hash Sniffer 2.0 Ollydbg 1.10 Plugin by Ziggy

Hash Sniffer is a hashing tool useful for analysing app crypto routines. Use it to do test hashes on app data, strings or files.

--> Download <-- http://distro.filedistribution.org/dir=SnD/2007/09.September/&file=HashSniffer.2.0.tool-SND.zip

SND Reverser Tool 1.1 by PuNk!DuDe

06.09.2007 : SND Reverser Tool 1.1 : Public Release
New Functions:
+ UUCode & XXCode
+ AES/Rijndael
+ Cast128, Cast256
+ DES, Triple DES, DESNew
+ Mars
+ Skipjack
New Tools Menu Added With Following Tools:
+ PE File Crypto Scanner
+ Disabled Control Enabler
* Removed alpha blend option to enable the tool on Win98

29.08.2007 : SND Reverser Tool 1.0 : Public Release
New Functions:
+ Blowfish
+ Twofish
+ RC2, RC4, RC5, RC6
+ TEA, xTEA, xxTEA
+ HAVAL 128/160/192/240/256 with 3/4/5 rounds
Other Additions and Changes:
+ minimise to tray option
+ minor GUI changes and fixes

21.08.2007 : SND Reverser Tool 0.1 beta : Private Release
Hashes include:
+ Adler32
+ Crc16,Crc32,Crc32b
+ MD2,MD4,MD5
+ SHA0,SHA1,SHA256,SHA384,SHA512
+ Tiger
+ Whirlpool.
Base Conversions include:
+ Base2(Binary)
+ Base10(Decimal)
+ Base16(Hexadecimal)
+ Base32
+ Base64
Extra Base conversions:
+ hex input to Base32
+ hex input to Base64
+ String ROT
+ String XOR
+ Caesar Bruteforce
Other Functions:
+ Reverse String
+ Uppercase
+ Lowercase

--> Download <-- http://distro.filedistribution.org/dir=SnD/2007/09.September/&file=SND.Reverser.Tool.1.1.tool-SND.zip

Ранг: 78.8 (постоянный)
Активность: 0.050
Статус: Участник

Создано: 23 мая 2009 10:01
· Личное сообщение · #2

SnD^BaR v0.4 by UFO-Pu55y & PuNkDuDe

- removed 'ClickEx' option again.. instead added global 'Quickhide'
function in context menu
- possible to always move toolbar (also fixed one) by pressing CTRL
- removed GetShortPathName in front of ShellExecuteA (probs with xp
- UPX instead of PEC2 (damn you AVs)
- default backcolor now according to icon color (lazy ppl !11)

94ae_23.05.2009_CRACKLAB.rU.tgz - SnD_BaR.v0.4.tool_SND.zip

Ранг: 533.6 (!), 232thx
Активность: 0.450
Статус: Uploader

Создано: 24 мая 2009 12:21
· Личное сообщение · #3

SnD^BaR v0.5 by UFO-Pu55y & PuNkDuDe
  1. - fixed parsing of multiple dropped files  (removed  redundant  space
  2.   char at end of parameter string.. dooh, apps like PEiD opened up in
  3.   'multi scan window' even if only 1 exe was dropped)

5dc6_24.05.2009_CRACKLAB.rU.tgz - SnD_BaR.v0.5.tool_SND.zip

Лучше быть одиноким, но свободным © $me

Ранг: 78.8 (постоянный)
Активность: 0.050
Статус: Участник

Создано: 17 октября 2009 19:19
· Личное сообщение · #4

PACE iLok Generic Trial Patcher v1.0 by Team SnD

This tool patches trial versions of PACE iLok protected executables
and dynamic link libraries to not show any protection dialogboxes
originating from it's protection dll nor recieve input from the
ReadFile and RegOpenKeyExA Api's to it's protection DLL.

This results in the app never exitting it's trial and not showing
a dialogbox nag.

Why release a tool that in essence shows no particular amount of
skill? Simply because you should not allow your protection to be
manipulated like this. The tool is only compressed by upx so
anyone interested can have a look, it's not overly complex. Also
when researching a patched PE look when entering the PACE
protection dll (CALL EDI) for a jump and follow it, you'll end
up in the API Hooker, which is really all that's important in
this patch.

The tool makes use of the following weaknesses of PACE iLok;
(Perhaps they differ when different protection levels are used
but all PE's checked had these.)

-No decent crc on the PACE dll loader.
-No encryption of the PACE dll resources.
-No check on redirected API's.
-Making exploiting this all not that hard.

A crc check by the driver would make this patching instantly
useless. Anti-unpacking isn't everything.

The patcher hooks the GetProcAddress API, any firewall/OS or
other program that checks for this must be disabled.

If the patcher destroys your app, you should have made a backup.

We're not responsible for it's usage.

No idea what happens if it's used on custom implementations,
SDK, or anything else for that matter.

8bf6_17.10.2009_CRACKLAB.rU.tgz - PACE.iLok.Generic.Trial.Patcher.1.0.tool-SND.zip

Ранг: 0.3 (гость)
Активность: 0.03=0.03
Статус: Участник

Создано: 23 апреля 2020 03:16
· Личное сообщение · #5

тоже интересный был проект.

8ad8_23.04.2020_EXELAB.rU.tgz - fILE Detect SND.exe

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